Winterize To Maximize Your Fort Lauderdale Heating

Winter is here along with those dreaded high heating costs. Many consumers do not know how to protect their Fort Lauderdale homes better from the cold weather and keep these costs as low as possible. Gaining this knowledge and using it can lower heating costs, prevent damage, 20and protect both your home and Fort Lauderdale property. Inefficient heating is not the only problem that can arise from a badly maintained heating unit. The entire unit can break leaving your family in the cold. Gas fumes can also be released into the home creating a major health concern for all inhabitants. Two very important things can be done to get a handle on both energy use and safety risks. First, home winterization is very beneficial. While it does cost a little, it saves more money throughout the colder months. The second money saving step you can take is having a professional Fort Lauderdale heating and air conditioning specialist clean and maintain your heating unit before winter begins. Filter changes and other heating system maintenance must be done as well for the best efficiency and operation.

Central Heating Systems – Items that Can Increase a Unit’s Effectiveness

Central Heating systems are not the only source for high energy costs and this must be understood to get the most of both your heater and money spent. You may have the most efficient heating system available but if your Fort Lauderdale home has multiple locations that let in cold air, its effectiveness will begin to deplete quickly. These items must be taken care of as well to decrease costs and keep your home comfortable. Test all smoke and carbon monoxide devices to ensure they are working correctly. These items are very inexpensive and will help keep everyone in the home safe. Gutter cleaning prevents water and debris buildup that can result in home damage. Plug all air leaks, even the small ones. Air leaks are the number one source for higher energy bills. Check door seals, window seals, and put plastic or other protection up if needed. Performing these small tasks make a big difference on how well your current heating unit does each winter.

Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors – Unit and Ductwork Maintenance

All units need yearly maintenance for the best operation. Your Fort Lauderdale heating and air conditioning contractor is your best source for ensuring that a heater, ductwork, and fireplaces are all ready for use. This is from a safety and money saving standpoint. The furnace should be checked and cleaned each year before it becomes cold outside. A professional will clean all main furnace components, clean non-disposable air filters, check all ductwork, check for safety risks, and verify the thermostat is properly working. This type of maintenance is normally all that is needed each year. After approximately fifteen years, replacement should be a top priority for better efficiency. Clogged ducts may need to be cleared. Ductwork that is not clean or clogged can cause a loss of up to sixty percent of air before it reaches the main part of the home. Chimneys should be checked and cleaned by a professional before use as well to guarantee safety.

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