Indoor Air Quality

Fort Lauderdale FL Indoor Air Quality ImprovementIndoor air quality is a crucial element to your health. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air can be two to five times more polluted than the air outdoors. This can, understandably, have negative effects on you and your family, from mild to severe.

If left unchecked, poor indoor air quality may cause trouble breathing, irritated skin and eyes, fever-like symptoms, asthma attacks and more. The most effective way to control this and to improve your indoor air quality is to remove the source of the pollution. This is best done with filtration.

Southeast Florida Indoor Air Quality Experts

At Snell Precision Cooling we offer education and product installation of air cleaners and filtration systems to help restore your home to a healthy environment. Your health and comfort are our utmost concern, and we have been the most reliable source in Boca Raton and the surrounding area for filters and air cleaners for over 33 years.

Air Cleaners

One of the most popular indoor air quality devices we offer are air cleaners. Electronic Air Cleaners clean your home’s air of the small size pollutants and contaminants that irritate your eyes, lungs and sinuses. It helps reduce the effects of airborne pollutants by trapping particles as small as .01 microns and is much more effective than a furnace filter and even easier to maintain. While there are different methods for air removal of these contaminants, the most popular is to trap them using static electricity and a magnetized filter plate. These devices are extremely simple to use as the plate just needs to be cleaned regularly.

 HVAC Filters

Another step you can take to improve indoor air quality is by regularly replacing your HVAC system filters. These filters trap dust and particles on their way through circulation in your duct work. As the average household can build up as much as 40 lbs. of dust a year, these filters are an invaluable part of your HVAC system. By taking control of your indoor air quality, you can take control of your health. With the help of Snell Precision Cooling you can improve your air quality and return your home to the comfortable and healthy environment you deserve.

Our local area filtration and air cleaning specialists provide the following services:

  • Air Cleaners
  • HVAC Filters
  • Indoor Air Quality Consultation
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessment

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