Commercial Chillers

Broward County FL Commercial Chiller ServiceCommercial chillers and AC units are complex pieces of equipment. Because they are typically used to control the climate of much larger areas, they have a few more components than a typical home HVAC system. One of the primary components is the chiller.

A water chiller utilizes the power of water or air to extract heat from different components in various equipment (including HVAC systems). They are used in air conditioning units of large industrial, commercial and institutional facilities, and are used to lower the temperatures of equipment, such as robotic machinery and computer parts.

Installation That Is Done Right

Chiller installation involves the process of installing various pumps, condensers, piping, and other components to create a cooling system. This industrial refrigeration equipment uses either water vapor or absorption to pull the heat out of a liquid such as lithium bromide solution, glycol, inhibitors, water or some other fluid. To cool this liquid, these systems use air, water, or evaporation.

These come in two main styles. A closed loop system pumps a fluid mixed with condition additives, which are held at a specific pressure and temperature, between the system and the tool in a continuous cycle. Along the way, the fluid travels through pumps, valves, and a condenser. Open loop industrial chillers pump the liquid from a large tank through the system and back to the tank in order to keep things cool. These systems often use water, but they can also use air to cool.

Quality Commercial Chiller Services in Southeast Florida

Chillers come in many different styles and uses, but regardless of how they compare technically, they are still vital to the operation of many commercial and industrial businesses. This means you want to be certain chiller installation is done properly and that these systems are in top working order at all times. Snell Precision Cooling will make sure your chiller installations and systems run smoothly for your business.

Our chiller contractors provide the following services:

  • Trane® Chillers
  • Carrier® Chillers
  • York® Chillers
  • Chiller Maintenance
  • Chiller Repair
  • Chiller Installation

Snell Precision Cooling is committed to being your “go to” South Florida chiller contractor. If you are a local business owner, give us a call today to learn more about our professional chiller installation and maintenance services.