Commercial Services

Southeast FL Commercial Air Conditioning ContractorWhether you are constructing a new building, an office building or a new manufacturing facility, your building will need a quality air conditioning unit. Snell Precision Cooling is here to help. We have a trained staff of cooling and refrigeration experts who can assist you from pre- to post-construction and throughout the life of your building. We also offer refrigeration services for your restaurant, grocery store or other food service business.

Your Southeast Florida Commercial AC Service Professionals

Call us today and let us show you how comfortable, safe and energy efficient AC and refrigerant systems can help your business. We have a diversified and experienced staff that is capable of producing turnkey design and build documents and bring projects in on time and within budget. We offer complete expertise of today’s state-of-the-art cooling technology. Our HVAC technicians have the ability to get the job done. This is why we are the number one choice in Broward County and Palm Beach County for commercial air conditioning and refrigeration services.

Snell Precision Cooling offers commercial services for businesses, including:

Commercial Air Conditioning Service
No matter the size of your business, from a small grocery store to a high rise office building, you will need air conditioning. Professional AC services from commercial HVAC experts provide your business with all the cooling technology it needs.

Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance
Comfort means money to a business, so to best protect your HVAC investment you should have maintenance performed regularly on your air conditioning system.

Commercial Air Conditioning Construction
When you are constructing a building to house your new business, this is the perfect time to install a quality, energy efficient air conditioning system. The right cooling system can save you money and hassle on maintenance and future repairs.

Commercial Refrigeration
If you own a restaurant, grocery store or other food service company and need to store food, you need quality refrigeration. Top-notch refrigeration will keep your food products cool to cold and keep your food business running smooth.

Commercial Chillers
Used for large, commercial HVAC systems, commercial chillers typically utilize the power of chilled water. A water chiller is very efficient at absorbing and cooling heated air around coils used to effectively provide climate control in a large building.

Cooling Towers
A critical part of the commercial HVAC equation is the cooling tower. This is paired with a commercial chiller and rids the water chilled system of unwanted heat.

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