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Palm Beach County FL Commercial Cooling TowersClimate control, especially cooling in South Florida temperatures, is a highly energy intensive task. That is why there are so many components to commercial HVAC equipment. In order to properly maintain the system as a whole, and ensure your building consistently offers uninterrupted comfort, you need a commercial AC professional that can assist you with proper servicing.

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One especially important aspect of commercial cooling systems is the cooling tower. Cooling towers are used in conjunction with commercial chillers to take the unwanted heat it generates away from the system. Many components are involved with proper extraction of heat in a commercial cooling system. At Snell Precision Cooling, we are the commercial cooling tower experts in Broward County and Palm Beach County.

We have been working with commercial AC systems for over three decades. Our technicians undergo constant training and retraining directly at manufacturer factories so they possess the skill and knowledge to properly repair, maintain and install these specialized pieces of equipment.

Commercial Cooling Tower Installation

Cooling towers are devices that cool water to extract heat and reject it into the atmosphere. The rejection of heat is achieved through a natural process called evaporation. This occurs when the water is brought into direct contact with air within the tower. Efficiency of cooling is an important factor, and the maximum efficiency is brought about by exposing the maximum water surface to the maximum flow of air for the longest possible time.

Cooling towers that work with water are designed in two different configurations. The first configuration is called counterflow cooling while the second configuration is the crossflow cooling tower. These are just configurations, which indicate the direction of the airflow when related to the direction of the water flow. These two factors are equally important while calculating the efficiency of the tower and the heat rejection. In the crossflow type, the flow of air is perpendicular to the flow of water as the water moves downward through the fill. The airflow enters the vertical faces of the tower and meets the fill material through which the water flows downwards by gravity. The air flows past the fill and through the water thus cooling the water stream to a lower temperature and further providing the cooled water for purposes such as air conditioning or electricity generation.

Crossflow Tower Benefits

Crossflow towers have certain advantages over other types of cooling towers, which work towards the benefit of the company. To begin with, they have a lower pumping head, and thus have lower operational costs. Additionally, they accept water flow variations with ease without changing the distribution system. They are also easy to maintain as it is easy to access the vital parts. These are best for situations where the requirement aims towards minimal pumping and piping costs. Crossflow towers also operate with minimal noise and have minimal operational costs.The rule of the thumb is to not replace a crossflow cooling tower with a counter-flow tower or do the reverse. The chief requisite for such a change is a thorough engineering evaluation of the entire cooling system along with its pump systems.

Crossflow cooling towers are in contrast to counter-flow towers where the air travels upwards through the tubes or the fills, which is opposite to the downward movement of the water. Depending upon the purpose of cooling, these devices can be small, designed to cool only a few gallons of water per minute or can be very large, cooling hundreds of thousands of gallons of water every minute. Such types are utilized in large industrial concerns such as power plants. Thus, they are also best indicated in situations where easy maintenance is a concern. For these reasons, they are a practical choice for many industries where cooling is of prime concern while concentrating on concerns like ease of use, operational costs, and maintenance of the cooling device. For complete cooling tower service, provided by qualified professionals in Boca Raton and the surrounding area, you need Snell Precision Cooling.

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