Ongoing Air Conditioning Maintenance Assures You A Long Life Of Cooling

One of the most important things that a person can do for their Fort Lauderdale area A/C system is to get a precision tune up. This is also known as a full cleaning and inspection of your air conditioner.

Every home owner should have their A/C systems cleaned once a year to help prevent parts from breaking and to help maintain the efficiency of their system. In warmer clients the air conditioner is running almost all day and everyday during the summertime, particularly if the temperature is 90° or hotter.

Changing the oil in a car is just as important as having maintenance on your unit. Not having your A/C units cleaned once a year is exactly like not having the oil in a car changed for 166,000 miles. This may sound extreme but just think about how long the ac runs during the summer months in the blazing heat of Florida.

So what should this process involve and how do you know that it was done correctly.

Maintenance on the air conditioner should include the cleaning of the condenser coil (outside unit) and the air handler evaporator coil (inside unit), checking the pressures, flushing the drain line, inspecting the connections and a basic cleaning of the units (wiping off dirt and dust).

By getting maintenance done every year the technician will be able to notify the homeowner if they notice an initial problem beginning with the air conditioner. The older the system is, the more important it is to get maintenance done yearly in order to avoid costly repairs.

A properly maintained A/C unit can also help you avoid the effects of air pollution in your home

It’s a proven fact that the air in your house is dirtier than the air outside. Keeping the air clean in a house is often one of the toughest things for a consumer to maintain. There are many different effects of air pollution on humans that can easily be prevented.

Some of these include headaches, nausea, and allergic reactions. Worst case scenarios can result in upper respiratory infections such as bronchitis and pneumonia.

There are a several things a person can do to help keep the air in their house clean. Simply opening the windows in your house will help bring in fresh air and move the pollutants out. Having a reliable air filter for your air conditioner system and changing it as often as necessary will also help control the dust in your home.

Having a good air filter that cleans the air before it goes through the A/C system and re-enters the house is also essential. Trane offers a product called CleanEffects. The Trane CleanEffects utilizes patented, breakthrough air cleaning technology to remove up to an astounding 99.98% of airborne allergens and pollutants from the air that passes through the filter. Having the air ducts throughout your house sanitized can also help kill any mold, prevent it from growing, and keep the air in your home as fresh as possible.

Remember, if you keep your A/C unit properly maintained annually and do some basic things to keep the air in your home clean, you can expect a long life of fresh air and great cooling from your Air Conditioning unit.

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