Pompano Beach, FL Air Conditioning Services

Pompano FL Commercial AC Repair ServiceSouth Florida is known for hot springs, hot falls and even hotter summers. Because of the warmer climate, air conditioning is a critical aspect of comfort in any Pompano Beach household. When your AC malfunctions, normal life seems to stagnate. It is difficult to get things done when you are hot, sweaty and restless in your own home. If your AC breaks down, you need professional air conditioning repair and fast. Snell Precision Cooling is here to help.

We have offered quality Pompano Beach air conditioning repairs for over 33 years. Pompano Beach, FL is located along the Atlantic Ocean and has about three miles of beachfront. The city is currently in the middle of a redevelopment to revitalize its beachfront area and historic downtown. Pompano Beach has been listed as one of the top real estate markets and one of the top vacation home markets in the country.

The Best Air Conditioning Repair Experts in Pompano Beach

Our technicians are professionally trained and offer quick and efficient service, which is why we are the number one choice in Pompano Beach for air conditioning repairs. At Snell Precision Cooling, your comfort is our number one priority. We feel no one should have to suffer through the heat and that is why we offer the fastest response times in the Pompano Beach area. We arrive quickly to fix your problem and we’ll get your air conditioner running like new in no time.

Our secret is that we always travel with a fully stocked work van full of high quality parts and tools. This means we can typically solve your AC problem on the first visit and get you back to cool, conditioned air as soon as possible. Saving time also allows us to pass on cost savings to you, making our services extremely affordable. If you suffer from a broken or malfunctioning air conditioner, call Snell Precision Cooling today for the fastest and highest quality repairs in Pompano Beach.

AC Maintenance Extends Your Pompano Beach Air Conditioner’s Life

Your air conditioning, like any appliance, with time and heavy use will start to experience faults. Filters will become clogged, drains will gunk and stop up, connections will loosen. If left unchecked your AC will likely malfunction or flat out break down. The best way to prevent this from happening is with regular maintenance performed by the AC experts at Snell Precision Cooling.

As a homeowner, you have enough upkeep to worry about, so you can leave the care of your air conditioning in the hands of a professional. We’ll perform tune-ups on your AC that include cleaning the drains, replacing the filters, running diagnostics on all components, tightening connections, checking the thermostat and topping off lubricants and other fluids. These things will get your AC running at peak levels so it operates at maximum energy efficiency while offering more comfort. The best time to have AC tune-ups is before and after the heaviest use, as this will actually prolong its life. With regular maintenance your air conditioner will run stronger for longer, save you money and hassle and keep you more comfortable.

Pompano Beach’s Number One Commercial AC Services

At Snell Precision Cooling we have built a reputation for excellent air conditioning services for Pompano Beach homeowners, but we offer all of the same services for local businesses and more. We understand that a proper functioning commercial cooling system is of the utmost importance to a business or institution, as AC malfunctions can negatively affect sales, productivity or other aspects related to your bottom line. For this reason we have a dedicated team of commercial HVAC specialists that provide prompt and efficient service for all of your AC needs. No matter what kind of business that you run, however big your building is, our technicians will make you a priority and quickly solve your problem so you can get back to business.

Our team strives to offer the widest selection of commercial AC services to Pompano Beach businesses. We offer custom cooling system design, AC installation and repair, cooling tower maintenance, chiller repair, refrigeration systems repair and 24 hour emergency service. No matter what your air conditioning or refrigeration equipment needs, Snell Precision Cooling is there for you in a flash.

Commercial Projects

Here are two project we recently completed in Pompano Beach. The first is the installation of our new 12.5 ton Commerical Tempstar Roof Top Package Unit. This installation was for Carpenter Contractors of America located just over the 14th Street causeway near the beach. This unit required a custom curb adapter to sit on the existing curb.

Pompano Beach FL Commercial Air Conditioning ServicesPompano Beach FL Commercial AC Installer


Ken Thiel with Carpenter Contractors of America needed new units for his computer server room. We provided 100% new installation of the Gree Mini Splits to replace the old Mitsubishi Mini splits that were previously installed at this location. New roof stands per the 2015 revised Florida Building code were installed. New refrigerant lines and drain lines provided for the mini split installation will ensure these units will run as designed with high energy efficiency ratings.

Pompano Beach FL Commercial Air Conditioning ContractorPompano Beach FL Commercial AC Service