Margate, FL Air Conditioning Services

Margate FL AC Installation ServiceYour air conditioner is of vital importance to your family’s comfort if you live in Margate, FL. The South Florida heat is brutal and there are few things that feel worse than being sweaty and restless in your own home. When your AC malfunctions, you need a qualified air conditioning repair specialist and quickly. Snell Precision Cooling is here to help.

We have proudly provided countless Margate, FL homes with the highest quality, prompt air conditioning repairs for over three decades. Margate was founded in the 1950s when much of the area was still either part of the Everglades or farmland. It was considered a gateway to western Broward County and the name, Margate, came from the first three letters of the founder Jack Marqusee’s last name and the first four letters of the word gateway.

Margate’s Top Choice for Air Conditioning Repairs

Our technicians are professionally trained and experienced so they can fix any problem your air conditioner may have and fast. That is why we are the number one choice for Margate air conditioning repairs. At Snell Precision Cooling, your comfort is our priority. We boast the fastest response times in the area because we want to return your conditioned air as soon as possible. We also always travel with a fully stocked work van, full of high quality parts and tools. That way we can complete most repairs on the first trip, saving you time and inconvenience.

Our services are extremely affordable because we want everyone in Margate to be able to stay cool. In fact, we are so dedicated to that cause that we make ourselves available to you 24 hours a day. There is always a technician on standby and you will receive the same prompt and courteous service no matter what time it is. So if ever your AC breaks down, don’t suffer through it. Call Snell Precision Cooling for prompt and professional air conditioning repairs, no matter what time it is.

Quality AC Maintenance in Margate

The best AC repairs are the ones you were able to prevent. Regular maintenance allows you to be alerted of possible faults before they become malfunctions, saving you on costly unexpected break downs. Maintenance also keeps your AC running more efficiently which saves you money on energy expenditures. The reason maintenance is so vital to your AC is because over time and with excessive use your air conditioner will build up dust clogs, drain stoppage, loose connections and other problems. If left unchecked, these issues will shorten the life of your AC and result in break downs.

With maintenance from the trained AC experts at Snell Precision Cooling you can eliminate all of that. We replace your clogged filters, clean out your drains, lubricate motors, top off fluids, tighten connectors, run diagnostics on all components and so much more. With AC tune-ups from our maintenance team, your AC will run stronger and longer. We’ll extend the life of your unit while keeping it running smooth and efficiently.

Commercial AC Services for Margate Businesses

All of the fantastic services we offer for residents are available to businesses and institutions in Margate as well. In fact, at Snell Precision Cooling we have a dedicated commercial AC team that prioritizes business services because we understand that a properly working cooling system affects your bottom line. Comfortable employees, customers and guests are necessary for good business, so when you need your commercial AC units repaired or maintained, we are the experts to call.

Snell Precision Cooling strives to offer the widest selection of commercial services available in Margate. We offer custom cooling system design for new constructions and remodels, refrigeration systems for food service companies, chiller maintenance, cooling tower repairs and AC repair and installation from the smallest to the largest industrial units. No matter what your commercial air conditioning needs, we can accommodate.