Davie, FL Air Conditioning Services

Davie FL Commercial Air Conditioning ContractorNot having a properly operating air conditioner is simply not an option in the brutal sun of Davie, FL. If your AC breaks down, you need a certified Davie air conditioning repair professional quickly. Snell Precision Cooling is here to help.

We have been helping keep Davie, FL homeowners and commercial businesses cool for over three decades. Located in Broward County, Davie is the most populous municipality labelled as a town in Florida. Davie has a reputation as a “Western” town and many earlier buildings had “Wild West” architecture.

The Premier Choice in Davie for Quality AC Repairs

Our technicians are factory trained on an ongoing basis so they are capable of fixing any brand or type of air conditioner you may have. We have the fastest response times in the area and equally prompt repair time. That is why we are the number one choice in Davie for AC repairs. At Snell Precision Cooling, your comfort is important to us. So we always travel with a well stocked work van full of high quality parts and tools. That way, we can usually get your repair completed on the spot, saving you time so you can get back to cool, conditioned air as soon as possible. The time saved also allows us to pass on cost savings to you, making our services some of the most affordable in Davie as well. When you need quick and quality air conditioning repair, you need to call Snell Precision Cooling.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Saves Money

The best air conditioning repairs are the ones you are able to prevent. The most effective way to extend the life of your AC while preventing unexpected break downs is with regular maintenance. See, over time and heavy use your AC will accumulate clogged filters and drains, loose connections and overworked components. If left unchecked, these issues will most definitely turn into bigger problems that will require repair, or worse, replacement.

With maintenance services from Snell Precision Cooling, you can keep your AC running optimally for longer. An AC tune-up from Snell Precision Cooling will clean out those drains, replace the filters, secure connections, run diagnostics on all components, lubricate motors, top off liquids and so much more. This will make your AC run more efficiently, saving you money on energy, as well as keeping you more comfortable; all while extending its life and preventing breakdowns. As a homeowner, we understand you have a lot of upkeep to take care of. Your AC does not have to be one of them. Put your most precious appliance in the hands of the professionals at Snell Precision Cooling and rest easy knowing your comfort is taken care of.

Davie’s Best Commercial AC Services

A comfortable, climate controlled building is essential to a smoothly operated business. When your commercial AC equipment suffers malfunctions, you could lose productivity, customers or a number of other things that will negatively affect your bottom line. Nobody understands this better than the commercial AC experts at Snell Precision Cooling. We know your cooling system is important and we also know how to keep it working properly.

At Snell Precision Cooling our technicians are constantly retrained to repair and install new technologies and different brands of equipment. We offer a wide selection of commercial AC services, including chiller repair, cooling tower repair and even refrigeration equipment maintenance. No matter the size of your building or AC unit, no matter the type of cooling equipment or brand, if your business needs AC or refrigeration service, Snell Precision Cooling can accommodate. We have a team dedicated to commercial service so when you call you are a priority. We know time is money, so we make sure your repairs are completed quickly so you can return to business. That is what makes us the preferred choice for commercial AC services in Davie.