Coral Springs, FL Air Conditioning Services

Coral Springs FL Air Conditioning ContractorIn the brutal heat of South Florida, your air conditioner is probably your most valued appliance. Cool, conditioned air is vital to comfort and without it, being hot and restless interferes with everyday activity. When your AC malfunctions, you can either suffer through being sweaty and uncomfortable in your own home, or get a certified professional to fix it fast.

At Snell Precision Cooling, we are the air conditioning experts in Coral Springs and offer a variety of services for homeowners and local businesses.

We have proudly provided the area’s homeowners and commercial businesses with fast and efficient AC service for over 33 years. Coral Springs, FL is located in Broward County, approximately 20 miles northwest of Fort Lauderdale. The city has notably strict building codes designed to maintain the city’s distinctive aesthetic appeal and has been honored with accolades for its overall livability.

Premium Air Conditioning Repairs in Coral Springs

Our technicians are professionally trained and extend prompt and courteous service. We boast the fastest response times in Coral Springs and because our team undergoes ongoing factory training we have the experience to complete your repair in a timely manner. That is why we are the number one choice in Coral Springs for AC repairs. One way we ensure that we can offer the fastest service is by traveling with a fully stocked work van at all times.

We fill our work vehicle with high quality parts and tools so that most of the time we can complete your repair on the first trip. That way we get you back to enjoying cool, conditioned air as soon as possible. The time savings also allow us to pass along cost savings that make us the most affordable service around. For the highest quality, fastest and cost effective AC repairs in Coral Springs, call Snell Precision Cooling today.

Coral Springs’s Most Reliable AC Maintenance Services

If you want to get the most out of your AC, you should have regular maintenance performed by a certified air conditioning professional like Snell Precision Cooling. With our maintenance and tune-up services, we extend the life of your AC, increase its energy efficiency and keep it running at peak levels. Not only will you save money on your energy bills but you will also enjoy increased comfort. As a homeowner, we understand you have a lot of upkeep, so we offer seasonal tune-ups that take the maintenance and care of your AC out of your hands. Relax and enjoy the cool knowing that Snell Precision Cooling is keeping your AC running stronger for longer.

At Snell Precision Cooling we offer the most comprehensive and detailed maintenance services you can find. We run diagnostics on every component to make sure they work, test your thermostat and other elements, clean your drains, replace your filters, lubricate motors and top off liquids before and after the hottest seasons. This keeps your unit running optimally during its heaviest use.

Commercial AC Services for Coral Springs Businesses

Snell Precision Cooling is equally committed to quality AC services for local businesses and institutions. We understand that having a properly working cooling system is vital to operation. When your commercial AC malfunctions, it could negatively affect your bottom line. That is why we have assembled a dedicated commercial AC team to promptly respond to your air conditioning needs.

Commercial AC units are complex, with larger units requiring extra equipment like cooling towers and chillers. Our technicians are factory trained to work with all elements of commercial AC equipment so you can rest assured your repair or installation will be conducted promptly. We also offer refrigeration equipment repair and 24 hour emergency service. So no matter what hours your business operates, when you need commercial cooling system or refrigeration service, Snell Precision Cooling is there.

Commercial Project

Here is a recent project we completed in Coral Springs for an installation of new 12.5 ton air conditioning unit. The old unit was leaking refrigerant badly and we installed the new unit with two new expansion valves for 410A refrigerant. The line set was cleaned using several containers of R-11 flush to ensure there is no mineral oil or debris in the lines. The new air conditioner is up and running properly saving this customer money on their electricity bill.

Coral Springs FL Commercial AC ContractorCoral Springs FL Commercial Air Conditioning Installation